Friday, 11 May 2012


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Today's topic is somewhat different because it says that we don't have any type of weight. This concept was thought by me and I think that we don't have any type of weight.

You might ask how can I say that? The answer is that you all know that we have a force called Gravity on Earth and this thing (Gravity) is also located in the moon. But as you all know that when a person on Earth goes to Moon, that person experiences some weight loss. But what is the reason behind this weight loss? The answer is that it is because there is less amount of gravity on moon then on earth. This leads to the conclusion that the Gravity has an effect on the weight of an object,this surely clears out that an if an object is sent in zero Gravity,then that object would experience zero weight. And also if any object is sent from a lower Gravity area to a Higher Gravity area, then that object's mass would increase.

This makes clear that we actually don't have any type of weight with us, it is just a part of Gravity, nothing other than that.

And I think that we don't have weight in zero gravity, then many formulae based on the weight need to be changed in Physics. For Example, The formula of Force is Force=Acceleration*Weight. And this formula cannot be applied in Zero Gravity because according to me, we don't have weight in Zero Gravity, so the formula may be changed to Force=Acceleration. Not only this formula, there are many other formulae that need to be changed in order to be applicable in Zero Gravity.

This also makes clear that the rules of Physics are not same everywhere, they cannot be same on Earth and a place with zero Gravity.

And that thing makes this research a noble one.

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  1. The problem with your idea is that gravity is function of mass; thus it is impossible to exist in zero gravity as the mass of the body will produce a gravitational pull (however infinitesimal). I like your site, makes you think!