Thursday, 3 May 2012

Basic Anatomy of a Cell

Today I will be writing about the basic anatomy of the cell. The word anatomy here means the basic structure of the cell.
A cell.
Anatomy of a Cell.
The above image shows all the parts of a typical cell but I will not go in depth in this article about the structure of a Cell and will only write about some of it's part.

For the ease of study, the cell is divided into 3 parts:

  1. The innermost part:Nucleus.
  2. The part between plasma membrane and nucleus is Cytoplasm which contains mostly the organells(discussed later) and liquid.
  3. The outermost part is a protective layer of the membrane known as the Plasma Membrane.
First,I would like to discuss about the Plasma Membrane. The Plasma Membrane is the membrane the protects the inner parts of the cells and also regulates the particles that comes inside and goes outside the cell. Or in other words, compare this membrane to the hole in a balloon, the air can come inside and go outside only through that hole and the Plasma Membrane works the same way, they regulate the particles coming in and going out.

The Cytoplasm is the part that comes between the Plasma Membrane and the Nucleus. The Cytoplasm is divided into two parts:
  1. The Cytosol.
  2. The Organelles.
The Cytosol is the liquid which contains the organelles and organelles are the functioning unit of the cell.

Now moving towards the Nucleus. The nucleus is the part of our cell that is located at the innermost part of the cell and it contains most of the DNA and Chromosomes (the part which contain the DNA) in it.

This is all I wanted to include in this article and I will soon past a new article with a detailed description of the anatomy of a cell.

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