Sunday, 26 August 2012

Neil Armstong

The day of 25 August,2012 was a very sad day for the whole humanity because one of the World's Greatest Astronaut Neil Armstrong died because of some cardiovascular problems. He was the first person to pass the greatest leap of humanity by stepping on the moon. He took the humanity out of this Earth and made it realize that it is had not discovered everything. If you really want to salute that person, who made history in humanity, then please share this article.

I wished to post some photos of the great person but unfortunately because of copyright, I am not able to do so. But I really salute that person.

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cell anatomy videos.

Hello my dear readers!!!!!!!!

I know that sometimes we don't have time to read much of the things that I write, so I came up with a new idea of sharing some of the great videos on cell anatomy which will surely make you understand them very carefully. So, here are some of the videos, enjoy them, understand them, and also save you time.

Hope you enjoy this videos, next I will post videos about Tissue Anatomy.

Enjoy them.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Alzheimer's-type dementia

Today I will be talking about Alzheimer's-type dementia which is a neurological disease. But before I start, I want to tell you all about the correct pronunciation of the word neuron. It is pronounced as NOO-RONS. I wanted to tell this thing many people including me thought that it was pronounced as NEW-RONS. Now let's get back to the main topic.

Dementia is a neurological disorder in which people usually suffer from certain symptoms such as they are not able to memorize thing's, for example, they might buy on loaf of bread two times from the same shop even if they require one as they won't remember that they had got one already. A dementia can effect the person suffering from it in various ways. It can cause the person to behave in an aggressive way and also can have effect on their language. As a result, they are not able to pronounce anything clearly and they might forget the pronunciation of a word. It also affect's their mental abilities such as doing calculation's and also their motor functions. The motor functions means the movement. As a result of this, they might not be able to do even the easiest things, such as brushing the teeth, eating food, taking bath or driving.

The Dementia is classified into several types, on of the main dementia is Alzheimer's-type Dementia or simply Alzheimer's Disease. In this disease, the brain cell's gradually start's depleting and the ventricles in our brain(the hollow spaces in our brain) starts increasing in size, and because of this, the brain's size starts decreasing and at an stage of severe Alzheimer's disease, the person dies because most of the parts of his or her brain have stopped working.

We usually detect if a person was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease after his death while autopsy. And sadly, their are currently no better cure for this type of disease. The scientists have divided the Alzheimer's Disease into ten stages named S1 to S10. We usually see the effects of this disease or we usually recognize that the patient is suffering from this disease after he had reached the stage of S6. Alzheimer's Disease is really very harmful disease and it is also not good that it is not having any type of cure right not and we are on the search for finding cure.

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