Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dentist recommend Ice Cream????????????

Hello Friends!!!!!!

Have you ever wondered that why the dentists recommend Ice Cream after removing a tooth????????

I wondered on this question and did some research on my is that so and I got the answer and I really think that it should be published on my blog so the other people also know that because curiosity is the best quality for any child or scientist.

Dentists recommend ice cream after taking out a tooth to just stop bleeding in the mouth and it really works but they don't say that we should always eat that because it might also cause cavities in our mouth, so we should eat it only one time after the dentist had taken out the tooth or till the bleeding does not stop.

We can also rake other cold things such as Cold Water.

Have a knowledge full day ahead!!!!!!

And thanks for reading this short article!!!!!!!!!!!  

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