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In this page I will be writing articles about technology and also some simple hacks but remember that this hacks are only for educational purposes, I don't take any type of responsibility on how you use it.

So, First I will tell you how to open cmd:

  1. First, click on start.
  2. If you use Windows 7, then type in the search box cmd.
  3. Or if you use other Windows, then go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and run it as administrator.
Now, I will tell you a trick through which you can change the password of administrator from you account in any computer with windows, this trick can also be used in schools.

Make sure the Command Prompt is running as administrator if you are on Windows 7 or Vista.

First, type in the command color 2. This will make the letters appear green in the cmd window and it is just for the feeling like hacking and is not compulsory. Now, the real trick, type in the cmd window "net user"(without quotes) and hit Enter. You will see the user names. Then type in net user administrator if you want to change the password of the administrator and if you want to change the password of any other user, type that user's name instead of administrator. After the command gets completed, you will see the full information of that user, then type net user administrator * (including the * sign) and press enter, as you do that, you will just need to type the new password and hit enter and don't worry if the password you type is not seen because that's because of security reasons. Once again you will asked to confirm the password.

After that, I will just say you congratulation because you have done you first hack!!!!!!!!!!!!

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