Friday, 27 July 2012

Windows 8 COMING SOON!!!!

Hello friends!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I have a great news for the people who are a type of computer geek. Microsoft had announced that soon they will release the Windows 8 version for the public to buy on October 26, 2012. Microsoft had already released the Windows 8 Developer and Release Preview. If you want to feel the windows 8 before it is commercially launched, then you can download the Windows 8 Release Preview from the link below:

But remember to use dual boot setting to run windows 8 with windows 7 as it is said that Windows 8 Release Preview can be buggy and can stop working suddenly. Below is the link from where you can learn how to do dual boot:

But is don't like the Windows 8 Release Preview, then you might require to wait till October 26, 2012. But don't worry, because Microsoft had also announced that it will be releasing the Windows 8 RTM version which would be just like the commercial version for the Manufacturer's of Windows 8. So if you have some friend or relative working in the Microsoft then you can ask him to give you a look at it or just install it on your computer.

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