Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sub - Woofer not working.

Hey guys!!!!!!!

Just few days ago, I was having a problem with my sub - woofer on my pc as it was not working. I tried to search on the google about this but I was not able to find any answers in it. They all said that it might be an problem in the wiring or an sound card defect. But I tried every thing and nothing works. But I got it working, here's how:

  1. First check if you have installed the right driver on your pc for the sound card or not. To check that, just see the speaker icon on the lower right corner of you moniter, if the speaker is with a red cross, this means that you have not installed the driver, install the correct driver or call the person from whom you bought the PC to know which drivers you need. Or if the speaker is with a stop sign with it, that means that you have accidentally turned off the volume. To turn it on, just drag the bar to the top.\
  2. (To perform this step, first close the PC and the UPS) If Step 1 does not work, then you might not be knowing that the sub - woofer also requires power to run which it usually gets from the UPS. Many people forget about it and buy a new Woofer. The thing you need to check here is that look at the back the sub - woofer and you will find a wire in it, other than the speaker wire or the CPU one, follow that wire and see at which socket is it installed, after you have turned the UPS off, then just remove the pin from that socket and replug it or try to use another working socket, this would give your woofer the power supply and you will be able to use it again.
  3. If the Step 2 don't work, then I recommend you to concern a professional in it.
Thanks for reading and I hope that your Sub - Woofer will work.
Comments are appreciated.

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