Friday, 1 June 2012

How electricity is generated?

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Today I will be going to give you some idea how a simple or we can say typical electric generator works.

First I would like to tell you what a electric generator is made up of, it is made up of 2 magnets, aluminium or copper wire and a turbine( or an object that rotates). The aluminium or copper wire are connected to the turbine and are placed between the 2 magnets. The magnets are such that magnet 1 would be placed with north pole facing the wire and the other will be placed in a position so that it's south pole will be facing the wire.

When the turbine starts to rotate, it also rotates the wire that is attached to it. When the wire placed between the magnets rotate, the repulsion force of the 2 magnets causes the electrons in the wire to move which creates electricity. You can also watch the video below to understand what I said.

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