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Abdominopelvic Cavity

Abdominopelvic Cavity is a cavity located below our chest and extends till the urinary system.

First you need to know what is a Cavity?

A Cavity is a hollow part in our body that is filled with some fluid in it which protects and support the organs.

This is a simple definition of it but it might not be accurate.

So, now as you know what is Cavity. I would like to tell you that there are many other Cavities in our body such as Craniel Cavity(the cavity that contains our brain and spinal cord), Oral Cavity(the cavity of our mouth) and many other cavities. Abdominopelvic Cavity is one of them. As the name suggests, Abdominopelvic Cavity contains two cavities in it, they are Abdominal Cavity and Pelvic Cavity. Am sorry that I cannot post images of the Cavities as I cannot find them on internet. Just above the Abdominal Cavity is the Thoracic(THO-RA-SIK) Cavity. The thoracic cavity contains the lungs.
Thoracic Cavity.
The Thoracic Cavity has other several cavities in it. Each lung has it's own cavity known as Plueral(PLOORAL) Cavity. So, the left Pleural Cavity contains the left Lung and the right Pleural Cavity contains the right lung. Each Pleural Cavity has a membrane in it which allows the organs to adapt to the changing body positions and also reduce the friction between the organs known as Pleura(PLOORA). Almost all the cavities have their own membrane. This liquids are  differentiated in two types :
  1. Visceral Pleura
  2. Parietal Pleura
Am writing Pleuara this time because we are now talking about Thoracic Cavity. So, the Visceral Pleura is a liquid that coats the lungs and the Parietal Pleura is the liquid that lines the walls of the Thoracic Cavity. The both Pleural Cavities are differentiated from each other by the mediastinum(MI-DI-AS-TINUM).

The mediastinum contains the Pericardial Cavity that contains the Heart. Heart is enclosed in the Pericardial Cavity. The Pericardial Cavity also has a membrane  in it that protects and supports the heart that is known as Pericardium. And again the Pericardium is divided into Visceral Pericardium that lines the heart and the Parietal Pericardium that lines the wall of the Pericardial Cavity.

Pericardal Cavity

Parietal and Visceral Pericardium
Just inferior(below) the Thoracic Cavity is the Abdominopelvic Cavity. The Abdominopelvic Cavity is seperated from the Thoracic Cavity by Diaphragm(DI-FRAM). The Abdominopelvic Cavity has 2 parts, as said earlier, Abdominal Cavity and Pelvic Cavity. The Abdominal Cavity contains most of the part of the intestines, while the Pelvic Cavity contains most of the part of the Urinary System. The body organs in the Abdominopelvic Cavity are known as Visceral(VI-SA-RAL). And the membrane of the Abdominal Cavity is known as Peritoneum(PA-RI-TO-NI-UM) and as usual, Parietal Peritoneum lines the wall of the Abdominal Cavity and the Visceral Peritoneum lines the organs in the Abdominal Cavity.

That's all I wanted to include in this article and am sorry if their is any mistake in it because it took me time to understand all this.

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